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The Tavern - Asset Pack

A modular medieval asset pack built for my Level 3 Games Development Final Major Project. All models were made using Maya 2020, textured using Quixel Mixer, and scene built in Unreal Engine 4, with renders taken using Marmoset Toolbag4.

The purpose of this project was to test myself over a 13 week period to research, plan and produce an asset pack, for which I also decided to increase my workload by building a scene to showcase all of my models. Overall I produced over 30 individual props, with a modular approach to the architectural models, so that in theory, any medieval "townsfolk" interior scene could be constructed. All walls are double-sided planes so that they have a textured exterior.

I ultimately want to focus on environment and level design, so this was a good learning curve for me having to also model all of the assets as well as to build the environment. Lighting is one of my weakest points at the moment but I feel that I managed to learn quite a lot when building the tavern scene, and although there is still plenty of room for improvement, I'm incredibly happy with the outcome.

Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated, always willing to learn!